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100 x Nebula CBD - Feminized

100 x Nebula CBD - Feminized

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Nebula CBD is one of those strains that shows the best sides of marijuana and has helped erase a lot of negative views that non-cannabis users have.

Nebula CBD does this by being one of the best medical strains with a perfect 1-to-1 ratio of THC to CBD. You can think of Nebula CBD as a helpful guide. The high really clears and focuses your mind, and combined with the non-intoxicating euphoria, it makes a great strain for creativity, and really brings you out of your shell. It blossom you into being the best you.

This 60/40 sativa-dominant strain is often used for joint pain, cramps, and is a go-to for those that suffer from Crohn’s disease. Another favorite aspect of this medical strain is her smell is very balanced and not too smelly or overly marijuana. The flavor is actually one of the more unique strains we sell with a sweet, but mellow honey flavor that is paired nicely with a spicy, but cool exhale.

Our tip for this strain: This is a must for those that often feel anxious and/or paranoid after using marijuana. The CBD is perfectly balanced with the THC and makes sure to stifle any anxiety that it may try to create. In fact, we feel completely comfortable recommending this strain to those that often deal with such issues.

What we love about this strain: This is an incredibly nice strain to start your day off with as it sets you off on the right foot. It also works great throughout the day as pick me up, as it helps to rebalance you when your day has gone askew.

Quote from a customer: “Got them in a few days ago and so far, significantly better that my previous seeds. 5/5 kicking it strong! Will write again on the finished product. Shipping was quick on these and so far, very happy. :)” - Sarah A.

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